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About Us

LOTAN Landscape & Architecture

founded in 2005

 by Architect Erez Lotan

Landscape architect Tal Lotan 


Lotan L&A has more than 15 years of experience in designing bike trails, bike parks, and parks.  Our clients are governmental ministries, River authorities, National parks & Nature reserves authorities, JNF and dozens of municipalities and regional councils.


Trails & Bike Parks

A major section of bike parks and nature bike trails in Israel were planned by Lotan L&A. Trails have been laid out with consideration and understanding of bike riding and of the environment. Bike Parks are constructed with  advanced and  unique techniques.



As the world becomes urbanized and nature  is declining - we have the ability and knowledge to make a positive environmental impact  and recreate wildlife habitats. Most of our parks contain bodies of water which are planned to  become rich  ecosystems by  using purified wastewater as a resource for constructing a man made natural environment. 

We gained  a deep understanding of needs and functions and we never forget to also be our project's users: Bike riders, hikers, tourists, wanderers, nature lovers, wildlife and site managers.  

As naive as it may sound, we aim to add more beauty, nature and joy  to the world.



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